I am an undergraduate at the University of Toronto studying mathematics, computer science, and physics.

I am broadly interested in theoretical computer science and algorithm design. I have previously done research in automata theory and software for astronomy.

Outside of academia, I love game development, playing the piano, learning new languages, and long-distance biking.

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I am deeply passionate about teaching for all levels, ranging from teaching primary and high school students, to working as a teaching assistant for university courses with hundreds of students.

Teaching Assistantships

  • TA for CSC363: Computational Complexity and Computability (Winter 2024)
  • Lead TA for CSC373: Algorithm Design and Analysis (Fall 2023)
  • TA for CSC240: Enriched Introduction to the Theory of Computation (Winter 2022)


Every summer, I volunteer as a counselor at SigmaCamp, a non-profit STEM summer camp aimed at curious teenagers from all over the world. There, I helped to develop and lead a course on probability with Professor Sofya Raskhodnikova from Boston University. I also lead the creation of SigmaCamp's CS "Problems of the Month", providing an opportunity to all for continuous leaning and problem-solving.



A new online battle arena platformer with tons of weapons and enthralling, high-pace gameplay. Play from your browser with your friends at suprem.io!

Vessel Clash

A space-themed endless arcade shooter with thrilling powerups, unique enemies, and epic bosses! Download here.


A Minecraft-esque survival adventure game, with crafting, animals, building, combat, and procedurally generating biomes! View on GitHub here.



Email: anatoly DOT zavyalov AT mail DOT utoronto DOT ca